The Catholic University of America

Participating Faculty

Lev Weitz, Assistant Professor of History
Medieval Middle East; law and society; non-Muslims in Islamic societies
Director and advisor
Jon W. Anderson, Ordinary Professor of Anthropology
Social Anthropology; politics and religion in the Middle East; Islam in the Modern World; new media and information technology in the Muslim world 
Director and advisor (on leave Spring 2016)
Aaron M. Butts, Assistant Professor of Semitics

Quran; Christian-Muslim interactions; Greco-Arabic translation movement; Arabic language and literature

Therese-Anne Druart, Ordinary Professor of Philosophy
Medieval Arabic philosophy, metaphysics, and theology; Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
Sidney H. Griffith, S.T., Emeritus Professor of Semitics
Arabic Christianity; Syriac monasticism; medieval Christian-Muslim encounters; ecumenical and interfaith dialogue
Elizabeth Guthrie, Instructor in Modern Languages & Literatures
Modern Standard Arabic
Shawqi Talia, Lecturer in Semitics
Classical Arabic; translation; Arabic literature
Wilhelmus Valkenberg, Ordinary Professor of Theology & Religious Studies
Christian-Muslim Dialogue; "People of the Book;" tafsir, kalam, tasawwuf
Julia Lau Bertrand, Lecturer in Politics
POLI 327 - Nationalism & Islam: Post-Colonial Movements
Feriha Perekli, Lecturer in Politics
POLI 326 - Modern Politics of the Middle East