The Catholic University of America

Participating Faculty

Lev Weitz, Assistant Professor of History
Medieval Middle East; law and society; non-Muslims in Islamic societies
Director and advisor
Jon W. Anderson, Ordinary Professor of Anthropology
Social Anthropology; politics and religion in the Middle East; Islam in the Modern World; new media and information technology in the Muslim world 
Director and advisor (on leave Spring 2016)
Niki Akhavan, Assistant Professor of Media Studies
New media and transnational political and cultural production; state sponsored and oppositional propaganda; documentary and social change; post-colonial and critical theory; Iranian cultural studies
Aaron M. Butts, Assistant Professor of Semitics

Quran; Christian-Muslim interactions; Greco-Arabic translation movement; Arabic language and literature

Therese-Anne Druart, Ordinary Professor of Philosophy
Medieval Arabic philosophy, metaphysics, and theology; Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
Sidney H. Griffith, S.T., Emeritus Professor of Semitics
Arabic Christianity; Syriac monasticism; medieval Christian-Muslim encounters; ecumenical and interfaith dialogue
Elizabeth Guthrie, Instructor in Modern Languages & Literatures
Modern Standard Arabic
Marilyn Matar, Clinical Assistant Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures
Francophone literature of the Middle East (topics: exile and migration, history and memory, identities in conflict/dialogue); Lebanese Civil War in literature, film, and other media
Shawqi Talia, Lecturer in Semitics
Classical Arabic; translation; Arabic literature
Wilhelmus Valkenberg, Ordinary Professor of Theology & Religious Studies
Christian-Muslim Dialogue; "People of the Book;" tafsir, kalam, tasawwuf
Julia Lau Bertrand, Lecturer in Politics
POLI 327 - Nationalism & Islam: Post-Colonial Movements
Feriha Perekli, Lecturer in Politics
POLI 326 - Modern Politics of the Middle East